Chocolate Wrestling

Are you ready to experience a totally bizarre performance? Our girls will tease you in the most horrible way in a pool full of chocolate.

Stunning girls covered all in chocolate will definitely get your attention. Don't expect that these beauties will cuddle in there. This is going to be a real women fight.

The girls will wrestle, scream, scratch and they won't be sweet to each other! You are going to see a performance full of provocation and seduction. They will be happy when you will cheer them and when the time comes they will drag your stag to the ring.

One advice - don't be naive by their sexy innocent look! They'll have no mercy with your stag and he is at serious risk of losing his dignity and pants!

Price € 500 per group
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How does it work?

Our English speaking guide meets you at your accommodation address and takes you to the wrestling venue. As soon as you come you receive a round of beer at the bar. The sexy wrestling fight of two gorgeous girls takes about 35 minutes.

When the wrestling show is over, the participants can have a wash.