Bucharest Soap Wrestling

The Mud wrestling seems to be too dirty? Try out a soup wrestling then!! The girls will be dirty during this fight as well. If you know what we mean.

Imagine small bubbles copying their curves as they fight against each other. They will wrestle, scratch, scream and seduce you the whole time. Watch their sexy fight full of aggression and a sexappeal. Prepare for an extra slippery floor which will make them fall in positions that favour your view.

Take your chance and book Bucharest Soap Wrestling in order to experience something special and sexy.

Bucharest Jelly Wrestling

You have probably never seen a pool filled with jelly with two gorgeous ladies inside. What we can guarantee you is that for sure you have never seen such show that these 2 are going to perform just for your group.

Prepare yourselves for a juicy and seductive night activity made just for adult spectators. Watch them fight and cheer them up while they are trying to knock down each other. Girls dressed in bikinis, touching one another while their bodies are sliding against each other – isn’t it nice imagination? And maybe if you’re lucky enough they may invite one of you to come in.

Don’t miss a chance to see this spectacular view. The Bucharest Jelly Wrestling will bring a totally different spirit to your trip.